Classic PL701 Dark Polarized Retro Sunglasses Men or Women

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The style is classic, timeless, and the embodiment of the word "cool!" For over 50 years they've been seen on the faces of the hottest stars, artists, and musicians. Why let them have all the fun? These polarized sunglasses are very dark, giving the wearer an air of mystery. These designer fashion sunglasses eliminate glare and make many activities such as reading by the pool, relaxing at the beach, fishing, skiing, boating, and driving easier and safer. Polarized lenses are extremely beneficial for protecting the eyes from sun, water, rain and snow glare for all outdoor activities. When driving, the danger comes primarily from bright sunlight or from reflected light off of another vehicle, the roadway, clouds, snow, or any other reflective surface, temporary blinding the driver. Polarized lenses provide excellent protection year-round, and are equally beneficial in the winter as during the summer months.

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