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Jester Hat Yellow Lens Sunglasses Purple Gold Red

Jester Hat Yellow Lens Sunglasses Purple Gold Red

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A jester, fool, or buffoon is a person who fools around and acts like a clown. They are recognized by their three pointed hat with bells. It originated in medieval times when kings had personal jesters for entertainment. The pointed cap represents a donkeys ears and tail. One of the most famous jester characters in history was Harlequin of Commedia dellarte. Now you can have a jester hat in sunglass form. They are perfect for Mari Gras, Renaissance fairs, and Halloween. It comes decorated in red, purple, and gold. Glitter makes the frame even more festive and attractive. There are pom poms at each end of the glasses, which come in a random assortment of colors. The lenses are yellow and provide 100 percent UV 400 protection. Measures 71mm tall, 155mm long, and 148mm wide.

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