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Makeup Readers Lenses Flip Up Down Many Uses Gold Frame 1.50

Makeup Readers Lenses Flip Up Down Many Uses Gold Frame 1.50

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Glasses have hinged lenses for many uses. Application of eye make-up and/or insertion of contact lenses has never been easier. No more squinting while trying to get a contact lens in, or applying make-up, or even when getting a foreign body out of your eye. These magnifying makeup eyeglasses allow you to see well with one eye while applying make-up to the other eye. Features a gold frame and a lens with 1.50 magnification power. The single lenses swing down to let you see perfectly while applying makeup to the other eye, giving you clear vision and a closer view of what you're doing. The single lens Magnification brings even the smallest detail into view for a neater finish to make-up, and easier insertion of contact lenses. The lenses are shatter-resistant acrylic in metal frames with an attractive gold finish. Makes the difference between looking good and looking professionally
5 Stars
My sister''s eyebrows will be beautiful again!
My sister recently had cataract surgery and now although she can see stray eyebrows, she can not see close up to groom them. I remembered the "make-up readers" and voila, the solution was clear (pardon the pun). They made a wonderful, and necessary,Christmas gift. They also came super fast without any special ordering, thank you.
Reviewed by:  from Burbank,CA,USA. on 12/30/2010

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