Makeup Readers Lenses Flip Up Down Many Uses Pink Frame 4.00

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Glasses have hinged lenses for many uses. Application of eye make-up and/or insertion of contact lenses has never been easier. No more squinting while trying to get a contact lens in, or applying make-up, or even when getting a foreign body out of your eye. These magnifying makeup eyeglasses allow you to see well with one eye while applying make-up to the other eye. Features a pink frame and a lens with 4.00 magnification power. The single lenses swing down to let you see perfectly while applying makeup to the other eye, giving you clear vision and a closer view of what you're doing. The single lens Magnification brings even the smallest detail into view for a neater finish to make-up, and easier insertion of contact lenses. The lenses are shatter-resistant acrylic in metal frames with an attractive pink finish. Makes the difference between looking good and looking professionally

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