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Mens 65/35 Polyester Cotton Inspectors White Glove 1dz Small

Mens 65/35 Polyester Cotton Inspectors White Glove 1dz Small

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Soft and absorbent to protect products from scratches, dirt and oil. They may be used as a lightweight liner for every day use to keep hands dry or moist. The hems on these gloves are unfinished. Sold by the dozen pair. Size small. Inspection of coins, Inspection of products without leaving fingerprints, dirt, scratches, and oil, Polishing brass and silver, Handling pictures, As liners inside other gloves to keep hands dry, To protect jewelry, Model Making Baseball cards, Comic books, Cleaning sunglasses, Inspection of artwork, Handling of negatives, Nighttime therapy with hand creams, Applying makeup, Craft making, Dusting and other household chores, Inspecting gems, Detailing cars, Hand bell ringers gloves, Handling transparencies, Handling inkjet paper, Light industrial use, Inexpensive replacement for lost band gloves, Wait-staff, Protect finger nail polish, Keep from scratching in your sleep, Use while packaging products, Clown or magician gloves, Patriotic organizations, Flag bearer, Light yard work, Inspecting antique furniture, Antique books, Microfilm, DVD's, Cd's, Gaming discs, Vending machine operators, protects from cold and dirt from coins, Polishing wood, Protection sun while driving car, Handling edibles such as gum balls, Polishing glass or crystal, Worn under electric gloves, Kids to play dress-up, Halloween, Gun cleaning

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