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Oasis Optics BiFocal Polarized Tortoise Frame Copper 1.50 Sunglasses

Oasis Optics BiFocal Polarized Tortoise Frame Copper 1.50 Sunglasses

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Oasis Optics BiFocal polarized Tortoise Frame Copper Lenses 1.50 Power Sunglasses. Having a little trouble threading your tippet through the hook of your fly? Now you can have the magnification you need included in your sunglasses. The bottom of these lenses have a power magnifier built in. Great for fishing or reading in the sun. Lightweight polarized polycarbonate lenses. Fishing, Bifocal Sunglasses, Oasis optics fly fishing, bifocal fishing sunglasses, fishing magnification sunglasses, fishing sunglasses bifocal, fly fishing bifocal sunglasses, Oasis sunglasses, sunglasses fishing, sunglasses with magnification, sunglasses with magnifier. Although ordinary sunglasses may reduce brightness they do not reduce glare. Glare is concentrated reflected light, off windshields, water, snow, sand roads or any flat surface. Glare is blinding and often painful. polarized Lenses act like a horizontal blind to block reflected glare under any and all conditions, resulting in extraordinary visual clarity, enhanced depth perception, natural color definition and reduced eyestrain. polarized lenses eliminate blinding glare, allowing eyes to remain relaxed and focused on the task at hand. Features a tortoise frame and copper lenses. Recommended for general use.
5 Stars
Excellent quality great price.
Reviewed by:  from Albuquerque. on 4/14/2015

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