Pacific Coast Sunglasses Freedom Polarized Padded Black Riding Sunglasses They Float

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Freedom padded polarized glasses. Practical and stylish for all outdoor sports and activities. These glasses work just as well on the water as they do on the road. Polarized lenses offer a sharpened image in low light conditions and dramatically reduce reflective glare off of water and highways. Eye fatigue associated with prolonged exposure to the suns bright glare is effectively diminished. As an added feature these padded frames float, which makes them excellent for use on watercraft. This is our most popular polarized padded sunglasses, we have sold thousands of these worldwide. Detachable strap keeps glasses on while windsurfing, jet ski, biking, fishing or any other sport. Padded inner frame keeps out sun, wind and dust polarized lenses reduce glare They float Frame Type: Padded Poly-Carbonate frame construction Frame Color: Black Lens Color: Neutral Gray Lens Width: 58mm Lens

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