PhotoSun XDF Folding Sun Readers Reading Glasses Gold 3.50

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These folding light adjusting reading glasses are the best available. The lens darken when you are in the sun and lighten indoors. The high quality metal frames fold in toward the temples and again at the bridge of the nose tucking away into a small 3 inches in length. The optical frames are rx-able allowing them to be used as prescription frames. You will never be caught again trying to read a price tag at a department store or a restaurant menu without your glasses. They easily stow away into a small protective case equipped with a spring clip for securing to a purse strap or belt loop. Their small size is not only suitable for travel, but also tasteful and stylish. The case will come in either black or burgundy. The frame is gold with a lens magnification power of 3.50. Measures 136mm wide, 37mm tall, and 149mm long. The lenses are 50mm x 35mm.

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