Polarized Ultralight Mirror Sunglasses Gold Lens Black Frame

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Polarized Ultralight Mirror Sunglasses Gold Lens Black Frame
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Cheap sunglasses that perform well on the water or road and won't break the bank or your heart if they sink. These lightweight TAC polarized glasses are great for sports, cycling and fishing. Weighs 16 grams or .56 of an ounce. The mirrored TAC polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection. Reduces eye fatigue and eliminates reflective light. With glare free vision, creating a clearer safer view. Adds color contrast without distorting natural colors. Popular with boaters and fishermen. Gold mirror lens black frame Includes a microfiber cleaning bag. Approximate dimensions Lens H: 38mm x W: 62mm Bridge: 15mm Frame W: 140mm.

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