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SeaSpecs Cobalt Polarized Surfing Sunglasses Blue Gray

SeaSpecs Cobalt Polarized Surfing Sunglasses Blue Gray

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SeaSpecs Cobalt Specs are lightweight polarized, extreme wrap-style surfing sunglasses specifically designed for outdoor watersports like surfing. You'll find they are versatile enough not just for water but extreme sports, biking, cross country running, winter sports, hunting to even construction work. SeaSpecs are made for body movement and extreme conditions with an adjustable strap to keep the sunglasses secure and on your head. They also feature an injection molded nylon frame which is extremely strong and yet lightweight. SeaSpecs also float for watersports and have an integrated hinge that's as strong as the frame, a soft nose and bridge cushion for protection in the event of a wipeout in those extreme conditions. The frame of the Cobalt Specs also has vents to keep them from fogging up during hot, tense action on the waves or snow. SeaSpecs have polarized gray lenses that are high-quality, impact-resistant and provide 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. The wrap-style gives you a clear, yet protected field of vision. Measures 41 mm tall, 165mm long, 135 mm wide, fits head size up to 24 inches.

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