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Sunglasses Paparazzi Flip Up Black Clear Gray

Sunglasses Paparazzi Flip Up Black Clear Gray

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These glasses have two sets of round lenses that flip up. You feel like a pop star when you wear them. The first set of lenses is clear, and the gray lenses flip up above your brow. When you pop open the dark lens, you will look and feel like a certain cartoon mouse. The black, hand polished frames are thick and weighty and feel good on your face. Besides being fashionable, they are also functional. You can wear them indoors with the dark lenses up, and outside with them down. The lenses also provide 100 percent UV400 protection. Measures 69mm tall, 145mm long, and 138mm wide.
5 Stars
Lady Gaga Paparazzi Glasses
The glasses look great. Inside lenses are clear. Flip up lenses have fragile hinge. Be careful while handling them. I wore them as part of a costume while attending a Lady Gaga concert. They certainly wouldn''t last up for routine wearing, but I''m sure most people purchase for a costume accessory.
Reviewed by:  from Jackson,MS,Us. on 4/20/2011
3 Stars
Awesome, but fragile
These glasses were awesome- and a huge hit at the Gaga concert I went to this weekend. Especially popular with other fans because they were rare. No one else I saw was wearing this "Paparazzi" look. BUT BE CAREFUL. The flip up frames are super fragile and break easily. Make sure they are screwed really tightly and handle them gently!
Reviewed by:  from Arlington,VA,USA. on 2/23/2011
3 Stars
These are so cool and I was so excited to get them, but one of the flip up sides immediately lost a screw, so Order these, Use these, but be VERY careful. Hoping that I can buy an eyeglass repair kit to fix them. The style is great though....
Reviewed by:  from greensboro,nc,usa. on 10/7/2010

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