Tattoo Sunglasses Shades Dragon Gray Lens Leopard 6007Tattoo

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Tatt shades Tattoo Sunglasses where body art and vision meet in an inksplosion of fashion. L.A. Ink, Miami Ink and London Ink have made the vintage tattoo popular and highly desirable. These tattoo sunglasses are inspired by some of the most popular romantic vintage flash art available. Fun and eye-catching these tattoo-imprinted shades are quickly becoming the #1 fashion accessory in the nation. The vivid colors of the tattoos create a feast for the eyes, while the unisex frames wear well on any skull. Polycarbonate lenses provide 100 percent UV400 protection. Dragon, Gray Lens, Leopard Frame, 6007Tattoo. Hinge to hinge: 133mm, Lens height: 40mm, Arm length: 152mm Micro-fiber case included.

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