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Wiley X Brick Light Adjusting Sunglasses Goggles

Wiley X Brick Light Adjusting Sunglasses Goggles

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Wiley X Brick Light Adjusting Pop the clutch and just try to out perform a pair of Metallic Black Brick's with Light Adjusting lenses. This product can handle any weather condition, day or night. From clear to gray in seconds, don't worry about having to interchange your lenses on those nice long runs. removable Facial CavityTM Seals tightly hug the eye orbits so all you have to worry about is what's on the road ahead of you.LA (Light Adjusting) Neutral Slate Lenses: Provide maximum glare protection without distorting colors. Ideal for most activities where bright sun and glare is a major factor. Luminous transmittance in the faded state 85%. Luminous transmittance in the darkened state 17%

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