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Wire Frame Sweet Heart Sunglasses Red Gray

Wire Frame Sweet Heart Sunglasses Red Gray

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We haven't seen wire frame heart shaped glasses in a long time, we didn't think they actually existed anymore. They are absolutely darling and everyone will ask you "where did you find those?". You'll get Constant compliments and love wearing them with any outfit. Although these shades are inexpensively made and priced.... Buy wont be disappointed, they punch up any outfit with a little bit of Lolita flare. The heart shape is a little more subtle than plastic heart sunglasses, yet they stand out enough for others to comment on how cute they are. Perfect for sunny days when you're just feeling like something lite and fun. Polycarbonate lenses provide 100 percent UV400 protection. Gray lens and red frame, 134mm wide, 49mm tall, 148mm long.

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