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Sunglass Care and Cleaning

Sunglass care and cleaning


 Wear your sunglasses on a cord or chain around your neck. You'll avoid leaving them behind carelessly. If you're in and out of the sun constantly, like a delivery driver, a cord is a must, or you’ll have to be putting your sunglasses away all the time.

 Remove glasses gently from your face with two hands. This will prevent the frame from becoming bent and curved. Wearing sunglasses on the top of your head can stretch the frames.

 Don't leave sunglasses with plastic frames on the dashboard of your car on a hot day. You don't want your sunglasses to "melt" and lose their form.


 It's always best to place your sunglasses in a case when you aren't wearing them. Not only will it help in preventing them from becoming scratched, but it will also protect them from accidentally breaking, like someone sitting on them.

 Avoid placing your glasses without a case in your purse or pocket. Keys or combs can easily scratch them.

 When not using a case, do place your sunglasses on folded temples with the frame facing upward if you leave them on a table or any other hard surface.


 Clean dust and lint from your lenses with a soft cloth. An excellent suggestion is the Micro Fiber cloth, which we stock in all of our stores.

 Using a Micro Fiber Cloth will ensure that the lenses do not become scratched. To remove smudges, oils, and/or fingerprints, we recommend using a lens cleaner or washing the lenses with a mild soap and water. Dry with a soft, clean cloth.

 To prevent scratches, never use your fingers or fingernails to remove a spot on the lens surface, and never clean your sunglasses with a rough fabric such as wool or denim. More than likely, they'll get scratched.