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Sunglass Anatomy

What are the parts of a sunglass?

 Anatomy of a Sunglass

Picture below shows the names of all common parts to a sunglass

 names parts of a sunglases


Lens- There are three different types of lenses.
Glass: has the best optical clarity and is more scratch resistant.
Plastic lenses: lightweight and are shatter resistant.
Polycarbonate:  lightest and are good for impact protection.
You can also have lens treatments such as: polarization, mirror, gradient, Anti-reflective and color.
Bridge- the Bridge is the space between the two lenses. Sometimes the bridge is coated in rubber or plastic to allow a better grip. The main purpose of the bridge is the give support and prevents pressure marks caused by the frame.
Sweat bar- A sweat bar keeps sweat and moisture from getting in your eyes or fogging up your glasses.
Nose pads- Nose pads prevent your glasses from slipping off your face and reduce the uncomfortable feeling on your nose. Some nose pads are built into the frame and are not adjustable. Some wire nose pads are adjustable in every direction.
Hinge- There is several different types of hinges. .
Blade hinge: Usually found on lower priced glasses.
Barrel hinge: Typically found on glasses with Acetate or Plastic frames
Spring hinge: Found on higher end sunglasses. Allows for a more flexible fit.
Frame Eye wire- The eye wire is the part of the frame that holds the lenses. The eye wire protects the lens edge from shocks and strains.
Endpiece- The endpiece is the part of the sunglass right before the hinge. On most fashion sunglasses, you see this part decorated in crystals or rhinestones.
Temple- The temple is attached to the frame at the end piece. It hooks over or rests on your ear to hold the glasses in place. On glasses like cable aviators the temple hooks over your ear.
Temple Tip- Metal framed sunglasses use rubber on the temple tip to add comfort. Plastic glasses have the temple tip built in.